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How the Snake Trap Works
Keep Large Snakes, Let Small Escape
Snake Trap with Cage


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The Snare Snake Spring or Hand Held Trap Features:

The snare trap solves the problem of killing the wrong snake. The snare pulls up to snare the reptile
just behind the head which is a vulnerable area. The smaller local snake escapes while the large python
is caught. Size is a less important since only the head of the snake is vulnerable, a twenty foot python has
a head about a foot long and a neck diameter maybe four inches. Set the stops for smaller snakes at four inch
diameter and snakes with smaller than a four inch head will escape while larger snakes with more than a four
inch head will be caught or killed. The cage can be a wire container or a simple animal shipping cage or a
cardboard box sine the snake never gets tyo the bait.

Aluminum Traps Will Last for Years. Maybe a Lifetime!

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