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How All The Traps Work
All are the Same
How to Bait the Trap
Remove Dead Animal from Trap
4 Videos Combined

Rat Trap Trap Catches Rat

Large Possum
Small Possum
Two Pound Possum in Small Trap
Three Pound Possum in Larger Trap
Trap Catches Large Rat

How the Snake Trap Works
Different Sized Snakes
Snake Trap with Cage & Bait

Tip N Slip
Walk the Plank

Videos by Mousetrap Monday
Double Snare Spring Rat Trap
Spring Snare Rat Trap
New Spring Snare Rat Trap
Tip-N-Slip Rat Trap
Tip & Slip Possum Catch
Prototype Environmental Rat Trap

Traps Made in USA

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